Table of Contents

How To Register As Vendor.

Step 1 - Click On The Hamburger Menu.

Step 2 - Click On Arrow Right Side In Account Option.

Sept 3 - Click On Vendor Registration.

Step 4 - Fill The Email Box And Get The Verification OTP In Your Email.

Step 5 - Copy Code Which You Receive In Your Email And Paste In Verification Code Section.

Step 6 - Fill The Necessary Details And Click REGISTER.

Step 7 - Wait For Approval Email.

Step 8 - Congratulation, You Receive Welcome Message Your Store Is Approved Click On Visit Store.

How To Setup Your Store.

Step - 1 Simply Click On Let's Go Or You Can Setup Later Also.

Step - 2 Upload Your Store Logo & Banner, just Like This Example.

Step - 3 Fill The Necessary Details.

Step - 4 You Can Add Your Location Its Increase Credibility & Trust For Us.😊

Step - 5 Add Short Description About Your Store.

Step - 6 Add Payment Method For Paypal, just Add Your Paypal Email.

Or You Can Choose Bank Account.

Step - 7 After Choosing Bank Account, Fill The Necessary Details.

Step - 8 Fill The Details or Leave Blank According To Your Country. Then Click On Continue.

Filnal Step - Congratulations We Are Done,Just Click On Go To Dashboard.

How To Add Products

Step - 1 On Your Dashboard Click On Hamburger Menu.

Step 2 - Click On Products.

Step 3 - Click On Add New.

Step 4 - Fill The Product Details As Shown In Image Add Sale Price If You Want To Give Discounts or Leave Blank.

Step - 5 Write Every Necessary Details In Description Section.

Step - 6 Add Thumbnail Of Your Product On Big Image Box & Add All Account Gallery In Small Box.

6.1 Example.

Step 7 - Choose Your Account Category & Tags You Can Also Choose Form Popular Tags Based On Your Account Category.

Step - 8 (Important) Click On Manage Stock.

Step 9 - (Important) Set Quantity-Qty To 1 & Click On Submit Button(For Account Selling).


Your Product Should Be Verify By Admin Before Publishing.

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