How To Register On Website

Step 1 - Click On The Hamburger Menu.
Step 2 - Click On Scroll Down Arrow
Step 3 - Click On My Account.
Step 4 - Scroll Down & Register With Your Email Address. After Clicking Register You Will Receive A Password Reset Link In Your Email.
Step 5 - Login With Your Email & Your Created Password or Simply Login With Google.

How To Take Benefit Of Chat System.

Step 1 - Click On Private Message.

Note – You Will Only See This Option If Its Posted By Any Vendor. If Its Posted By Admin You Will Only See Admin. & You Can Directly Purchase That Account.

Step 2 - Add Any Admin As You Want.

Don’t Worry Only Admin Has Privilege To Make Name Like (Admin xyz).  You Can Add Any Admins As You Want.

Step 3 - After Adding Admin You Can Start Chatting. Where Vendor, Admin & User Is Included.
Popup Function.

Its Very Unlikely But Suppose Vendor or Any Of The Admin Is Not Available & You Just Hang Around On Our Website, Watching Premium Account & Suddenly Vendor or Admin Come Online & Reply To Your Text. You Will Receive A Popup Message Wherever You Are In Website. If Your Are Offline, You Will Receive An Email In 15 Minutes.

Your Security Is Our Top Priority.

We Never Release Payment Of Vendor Until & Unless You Will Successfully Receive Your Desired Account. We Also Review Account Before Posting.  ( You Can See All Of Your Chats In Menu>Accounts>Chats )

How To Buy Accounts.

Step 1 - Click On Buy Button.
Step 2 - Fill The Necessary Details
Step 3 - Select Your Payment Method (for example I choose PayPal)
Step 4 - After Payment Is Done You Will Receive This Message.

Note – You Will Receive Your Purchased Account Details In Your Email, 15 minutes To 2 Hour After Your Payment Is Confirm. So Please Be Patient.

Shopping Cart

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